Imagine fully optimised advertisements on Amazon
to reach peak performance

Lower high ACoS

When you add new keywords to your existing campaigns or especially when you launch new products you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how the sponsored ads will perform.

With BidX we manage every single keyword and track their performance. If a keyword does not perform as you want, BidX reduces the bid based on your rules.

Increase your sales

As soon as a sponsored ad generated enough performance data you can evaluate which keywords perform well but don’t generate the sales they could.

With BidX it is easy to set up a rule to adjust those bids to the right amount where they reach their full potential.

Stop struggeling and save time

Managing dozens of products can be very time intensive. Even if there are tools on the market which assist you, you have to do it all manually.

That’s where we come in. BidX saves you hours doing the annoying keyword adjustments automatically based on your rules. Once it is set up you are ready to go with no additional effort!

How does that work?

BidX checks all your requirements daily and adjusts the bids for you until you hit your target ACoS. Based on Amazon’s Advertising API we automatically pull new performance data and push the adjusted bids back to Amazon. BidX is the worlds first tool which allows you to automatically adjust the bids for paid search advertisement on Amazon on a individual rule based algorithm.

Our goal is to simplify paid online searches on Amazon to deliver you the highest possible conversions on the lowest input resources to sky rocket your profits.

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Advantages in a nutshell

  • no manual checks in Seller Central

  • no bulk file uploads and downloads

  • no excel KPI calculation

  • no manual adjustment of bids

  • simple set up and easy to use

  • individual keyword performance

  • decrease your cost per sale

  • increase your sales

  • saves valuable time

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